Get to Know the Activities of the Gaza CLA

Get to Know the Activities of the Gaza CLA

The Coordination and Liaison Administration to the Gaza Strip


Assistance to the Gaza Strip entails constant calculated risk management. On the one hand, Israel provides humanitarian assistance to the residents of the Strip. Simultaneously it contends with the terrorist organization Hamas, which controls the territory, and attempts to exploit the aid intended for Gaza’s civilian residents.


The Coordination and Liaison Administration (CLA) for Gaza is responsible for the implementation of the civilian policy of the Israeli government towards the Gaza Strip. The CLA has two branches located adjacent to the Strip. These offices facilitate the daily traffic of goods and people into and out of Gaza. The northern branch neighbors Erez Crossing, which serves mainly as a terminal for pedestrian traffic between Israel and the Gaza Strip. The southern branch is located at Kerem Shalom Crossing, which an entry and exit point for various goods. On a daily basis materials including food, furniture, medical equipment and medicines, electronic appliances, building materials, etc. are transferred into Gaza. Additionally, in order to assist the local economy, the goods produced inside Gaza are exported through the crossing. Exports include agricultural produce, textiles, iron, among others and are sold in the Judea and Samaria region, in Israel, and around the world.

The Gaza CLA works to assist the local Palestinian population in a wide range of areas. This includes importing and exporting goods, coordinating passage of residents to Israel and abroad (primarily for commercial and medical purposes) facilitating passage for international delegations and aid workers, promoting projects under the leadership of the international community(e.g. building schools, medical centers, community centers, housing), , and assistance in the fields of agriculture, transportation, industry and commerce. The CLA coordinates with all the relevant Israeli actors, including the Israel Defense Forces, the Land Crossings Authority in the Ministry of Defense, the Tax Authority, various government ministries, security forces, and others.

Unfortunately, since the terror organization Hamas seized control of the Gaza Strip in 2007, they have systematically attempted to exploit humanitarian assistance designated for civilian residents. Stealing humanitarian materials and taking advantage of aid programs to tighten their control over the population and expand their terrorist infrastructure poses a real and significant threat to Israel's security.


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