Promoting Economic Measures to Improve Residents' Quality of Life

The Economic Office at the Gaza CLA is responsible for the coordination of economic activity between the Gaza Strip and the State of Israel. This includes the movement of goods into and out of the Gaza Strip, approval of supervised goods (i.e. dual-use items) and the promotion of projects in order to develop economic cooperation with the international community, organizations and Palestinian entrepreneurs.

One of this department's main objectives is to maintain contact with economic and trade relations officials and relevant Palestinian business executives in the Gaza Strip. This enables the office to form a coherent picture of the economic situation and better analyze the requests submitted by Palestinians. Serving as a liaison between government officials, Israeli security officials and the Palestinian Civil Committee, this department ultimately helps promote economic growth. This is done by expanding the civil policies to advance local economic development. One such example is facilitating the expansion of fishing zones from 6 to 9 nautical miles off the Gaza Strip coast during major fishing seasons. Other examples include exporting goods from the Gaza Strip to markets in Israel, Judea and Samaria and abroad, assisting with the establishment of factories and industrial zones, expanding the amount of commercial vehicles entering the Gaza Strip and much more. All these activities contribute significantly to the Gazan economy.

On a weekly basis, this department coordinates around 100,000 tons of goods passing into the Gaza Strip through Kerem Shalom Crossing.

Aside from this, "dual-use" items enter only in coordination with Israeli security officials to ensure such items reach their destination for civilian purposes and not for exploitation by terrorist organizations.

In case of emergencies, the department prepares in advance for the population of Gaza to receive aid and assistance in order to prevent a humanitarian crisis.

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Head of the Economic Department
Major Tzidki Maimon