Erez Crossing


Hundreds of Gazans enter Israel every day through Erez Crossing

Erez Crossing is the central point of entry and exit for pedestrians from the Gaza Strip. The crossing is located in the north of the Strip, a few meters from the Israeli village Nativ HaAsara, and is managed by the Land Crossings Authority in the Ministry of Defense.

Every day an average of 1,000 Gazan residents enter Israel through Erez Crossing. The vast majority of these people are those in need of medical treatment, but it also includes businessmen, industry professionals, students, individuals going to pray on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, and others. Additionally, Erez is the crossing used by international aid workers, journalists and other internationals to enter Gaza from Israel.

Although it is primarily a pedestrian crossing, several times a week Erez functions as the transit point for cars going into the Gaza Strip. These days are trial runs to test the plan to expand the activity of the crossing and include the transfer of goods to the Strip.

Erez Crossing is operated and managed by civilian employees of the Land Crossings Authority (LCA) of the Ministry of Defense. Representatives of other Israeli authorities are also present to fulfil different functions. Officers and soldiers from the CLA are responsible for coordinating between the many different actors involved in the process, and to troubleshoot any issues that may arise. Representatives of the Liaison Office respond to the different needs of the population, including dealing with special cases, coordinating delegation visits and working with the Palestinian Authority operating the crossing from the Gazan side.

The crossing is active every day of the year. Outside of regular operating hours, we maintain a constant presence in order to address any urgent humanitarian cases as they may arise.

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Commander of the Erez Coordination Office
Major Bassem Hino


Hours of Activity


Entrance to Israel: 07:30-15:30

Entrance to Gaza: 07:30-19:00

Friday (For Gaza Residents Only):

Entrance to Israel: 07:30-13:00

Entrance to Gaza: Humanitarian and urgent cases only