International Organizations


More than one million Gazans, comprising about half of Gaza's population, rely on direct or indirect assistance from the international community. In order to support their work and facilitate the activities of these international organizations, the Gaza CLA's foreign relations department works closely and is in constant contact with representatives of the recognized international organizations operating in Gaza.  

Within the Gaza Strip, nearly 100 international organizations are working to provide vital services and assistance to the residents. The activities of these organizations is key to ensuring the routine of daily life for the residents.

Nearly 100 organizations and government agencies are operating projects within the Gaza Strip, including UN bodies such as UNDP and UNRWA, NGOs such as the Red Cross, and government organizations such as USAID. These organizations are constantly investing resources in aiding the residents, and the scope of their activities is estimated at around hundreds of millions of dollars annually.

The Department of International Organizations and Foreign Relations is responsible for being in constant contact with representatives of the international community in Gaza. This is in order to ensure the entrance of equipment and materials to promote projects, to coordinate the entry of diplomatic missions to Gaza and to ensure an ongoing dialogue between the organizations and the various Israeli government ministries.

In emergencies, the connection with the international organizations in Gaza is ensured and is a significant factor in assisting the populations and preventing a humanitarian crisis.

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Head of the International Organizations and Foreign Relations Department
Major Amitai Cohen