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The Office for Israeli Entrance to Gaza is responsible for facilitating the entrance of Israeli citizens to the Gaza Strip. Entry permits are approved in accordance with Israeli law and guidelines and depends on both the security situation and the criteria met by the citizen.

Since 2007 Hamas, a terror organization, has controlled the Gaza Strip and has been working openly to endanger the safety and security of Israel. Therefore, there is a constant concern for the well-being of any Israeli civilians who wish to enter Gaza. There is a real danger that Hamas may attempt to exploit these citizens for smuggling and other purposes. Consequently, there are very specific criteria and requirements for Israelis who wish to enter Gaza.

Given the complex reality in which there are family ties between residents of the Gaza Strip and Israeli citizens, addressing the needs of Israelis and their applications is a unique request, especially in light of the growing threat to the citizens of Israel by Hamas.

Despite the security threat, through 2016, the effort to coordinate the entrance of Israelis into Gaza through the Erez Crossing for various reasons such as visiting family members, visiting seriously ill patients, attendance at weddings and funerals, and other special cases has continued.

Israeli citizens who wish to enter the Gaza Strip should submit an application, and our representatives will take care of it as soon as possible and with consideration of all the necessary and relevant factors.

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