The Population Registrar's Office in the Gaza CLA is the representative of the Palestinian Authority's Ministry of Interior.

Responsibilities of this office include keeping the population database current.  When they receives information like births, deaths, change of address, etc. the database is updated to reflect that. Monitoring this information is critical for the office to be able to perform its other functions such as issuing passports and official documents, such as birth and death certificates.

​As part of the agreements between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, Palestinian officials hold and manage the official population registry. The Palestinian Authority transfers routine updates to the Israeli authorities in regards to the Palestinian population in order to maintain normal activity of resident crossings into Israel and abroad. They are also responsible for delivering official documents to Palestinian residents for everyday affairs.

The Population Registrar's Office in Gaza CLA manages unusual and exceptional cases according to policy, such as residents not registered in the population registry, coordinating foreigner crossings without documentation and  other incidents where paperwork maybe missing.

 The registrar's office operates to improve bureaucratic processes for Palestinian residents' conducted by Israeli and Palestinian factors in the Gaza Strip and the crossings.

Responsibilities and Services:

  • Updating the population registry in the Israeli authority systems – passports, certificates, identification cards etc.

  • Verifying family relations for Israelis crossing between Israel and the Gaza Strip.

  • Handling unusual foreigner requests and miscellaneous persons residing in or visiting the Gaza Strip without documentation.

  • Handling unusual requests of Palestinians requiring recognition of their status in Israel, in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior.

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