The Trade and Industry Office in the Gaza CLA oversees economic projects designed to stimulate job growth and minimize the unemployment rate in the Gaza Strip.

Coordination is maintained through a number of channels, one of which is continuous, extensive dialogue with Gazan business people and merchants. This ongoing dialogue enables the department to get a fuller picture of the economic situation in Gaza, which in turn helps direct and focus the sponsored projects to better respond the needs of the population.

The Trade and Industry Office in Gaza CLA is a division of the Economic Coordination Department in COGAT and is a key component in improving the economic situation in the Gaza Strip.

One major objective of this office is to guide, assist and push forward economic projects, factories, companies, etc. in the Gaza Strip. For example, the newly established Coca Cola factory in the Gaza Strip is expected to provide several hundreds positions of employment.

Another central activity of the office is to coordinate the entrance of dual-use items (i.e. items that can be used for civilian or terror purposes into the Gaza Strip for various projects. In order to clear these items the office works closely with Israeli security forces.

This office also manages all bureaucratic procedures needed to maintain existing economic relations between Israel and the Gaza Strip – which includes handling import licenses, registration documentation of companies, customs and more.

The Trade and Industry Office monitors the food supply in the Gaza Strip, provides important information about the humanitarian situation and maintains routine channels of communication to the population, for daily or emergency situations.

Responsibilities and Services:

  • Maintaining routine communication  with relevant economic stakeholders in the Gaza Strip

  • Monitoring food supplies in order to provide solutions in case of emergency

  • Supervising the entrance of dual-use items into the Gaza Strip

  • Coordination of special requests of the Palestinian Authority for import of goods

  • Providing professional assessment regarding Palestinian merchant requests into Israel

  • Foreign trade – company registration, import licenses, customs

  • Handling social rights of Palestinian workers who previously worked in Israel

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