The Office of the Transportation Coordinator in the Gaza CLA oversees the cooperation between the Israeli Ministry of Transportation and the Palestinian Authority in order to support a functional transportation system in the Gaza Strip, and to set common safety standards.

Transportation is necessary for a working economy and society. The transportation sector includes everything from cars for personal transit to tractors for agricultural development, buses for public transportation, and forklifts and trucks for construction and industry.

In the Gaza CLA, there is representation from the Israeli Ministry of Transportation, which deals with the various authorities for all transportation needs for the public in the Gaza Strip. The Transportation Coordinator has a range of responsibilities. This includes overseeing the vehicle imports process, maintaining a continuous dialogue with the relevant parties to promote economic activity towards transportation, facilitating import of automotive parts for the many different vehicle types in Gaza, and coordinating movement of the international community members.

Starting October 2016, the Gaza CLA initiated coordination for vehicle entry through Erez Crossing as an alternative to Kerem Shalom Crossing. This program has a number of benefits including streamlining the transfer process, lowering costs and accelerating inspection times. The entire process is done in accordance with Israeli and international safety standards. This ensures that vehicles imported to Gaza are functional, modern and safe. 

In 2016, the Ministry of Transportation in Gaza CLA has coordinated over 5,500 vehicle entries into the Gaza Strip, about 150 vehicles a week.

Responsibilities and Services:

  • Coordination of vehicle imports into the Gaza Strip

  • Coordination of vehicle imports into the Palestinian Authority ports and crossings

  • Coordination of automotive parts through Kerem Shalom Crossing

  • Coordination of vehicle passage through crossings belonging to international organizations and foreign reporters

  • Coordination of automotive part imports according to international and Israeli standards

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Coordination Officer
Mrs. Hagar Moshe