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This office is responsible for registering companies licensed to operate in Judea and Samaria areas, including all legal aspects related to the establishment of companies, their operations and termination of operations, through the Registrar of Companies.

In addition, the office is responsible for recognition of judicial decisions granted outside the area, verifying signatures and granting opinions for entry permits into Israel for legal purposes for the Palestinian population.


A.    Companies:

  • Handling requests to register a company – simultaneously preparing for an examination of the application documents (memorandum of association, company bylaws, letter of undertaking, etc.) authenticated by a legal notary.

  • Handling requests to provide summarized details of a company.

  • Handling requests to change a company's name.

  • Handling requests to approve the transfer/sale of shares in a company.

  • Handling requests to update a company's details.

  • Handling requests to change a company's management.

  • Authority to approve the closing of a company.

  • Issuing verified official company documents and certificates.


B.  Recognition of judgments handed outside the area as applicable inside the area: providing recognition of judicial decisions rendered outside the Judea and Samaria area, as long as they do not contradict public policy or that other special reasons exist for refusing recognition.

C. Validating signatures and stamps: authorizing signatures and stamps that appear on official documents issued outside of the region, after examination.

D. The staff officer has the authority to prevent the entrance to Israel of a Palestinian resident due to debts, in coordination with the execution authorities and the Center for the Collection of Fines.


Fees collection – the payment of a fee is required for performing these actions, when it is the office's responsibility to manage and keep track of these fees.

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