Environmental Protection


The Environmental Protection Unit at the Civil Administration is responsible for the region from Mount Gilboa in the north to the southern point of Mount Hebron in the south, from the Jordan Valley in the east to the Shfela area enclosing it from the west.

The unit works to promote the protection and preservation of the environment and carries out enforcement measures against environmental hazards, which are usually shared by both populations in the region. In order to promote some of the issues and preserve the environment, the unit operates, in coordination and collaboration with Palestinian Authority representatives, for the welfare of the residents.

Unit workers promote on a daily basis various projects, such as: sewage treatment facilities in Ofra and Al-Bireh, constructing waste disposal sites in Al-Maniya, repairing the Al Jib sewage line, promoting projects for using recycled water at the sewage treatment facility in Deir Sharaf and cleaning streams, with an investment of over half a million NIS, for the benefit of visitors.

In January 2014, in collaboration with Israel Nature and Parks Authority, the David Unit, entrusted with environmental enforcement in crossings, was established in order to prevent the illicit transfer of waste to Judea and Samaria. This waste is usually transferred to illegal landfills and causes environmental hazards, such as water, ground and air pollution and is even used in the coal industry, which harms the residents of Ein Iron and Pardes Hanna.

Since the establishment of this unit, over 470 trucks carrying electronic waste and tree trimmings have been seized, thus preventing serious environmental damage.

In 2016 the unit initiated a pilot for the cleaning and regulation of the cable fires hazard in West Hebron. The pilot was designed to divert copper cables from fires, which create pollution, and transfer them for recycling for other purposes.

Recently, the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT) directed to increase enforcement of the pollution generated by coal operations in the Jenin area. Alongside existing enforcement activity, there is dialogue and negotiations for the promotion of construction of modern coal production facilities, for those dealing in coal production, while reducing pollution from the burning of tree trimmings.

Areas of responsibility and services:

  • Preserving and protecting the environment from noise, air pollution and water and radiation sources.

  • Preserving biodiversity and land resources.

  • Examining and monitoring environmental impact surveys of Israeli settlements in Judea and Samaria.

  • Maintaining and enforcing in issues of cleanliness, recycling, hazardous materials and dual-use materials.

  • Promoting projects and environmental supporting infrastructures vis-a-vis the international community.

  • Handling pest control and monitoring pests.

  • Issuing licenses for the transfer of certain hazardous materials to Palestinian Authority areas.

  • Granting licenses for the transfer of waste into regulated sites in Judea and Samaria.

  • Granting licenses to farmers and industrialists in the Judea and Samaria region for maintenance of controlled material.

  • Promoting and monitoring waste disposal sites.

  • Monitoring and enforcing crossings by the David Unit.

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