The Health Care Coordinator Office at the Civil Administration is responsible for coordinating and liaising between Palestinian health care systems in Judea and Samaria and their Israeli counterparts, Israel Defense Forces, Magen David Adom (MDA), the Red Crescent and other medical institutions in Israel and around the world.

In 2015 approximately 97,000 Palestinians entered Israel to receive medical treatment in Israeli hospitals, in addition to the entrance of the 100,000 or so people accompanying them. In addition, unique projects were promoted in this field, for example the coordination of over 120 corneal transplants for visually impaired Palestinian, as well as bone marrow transplants for children. The health field and its coordinator work around the clock to rescue lives.

Beyond assisting patients, this field  operates to promote the independent abilities of Palestinian public health care services. Within this framework, approximately 1,700 Palestinian physicians participated in medical trainings in Israel and abroad, in a variety of fields, such as: AIDS, women's health care and even cancer. More than 100 Palestinian physicians work in Israeli hospitals in order to train them for work in the public health care system in the Palestinian Authority. One of these physicians is Dr. Wisam al-Jamal, a gynecologist from Hebron who works at Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital in Jerusalem. As part of the steps promoted by the Civil Administration, the entry of physicians and medical personnel with their vehicles was made possible as of 2015, in order to shorten their travel time and allow them to commute to and from Israeli hospitals.

Areas of responsibility and services:

  • Coordinating assistance to the Palestinian health care system.

  • Coordinating the transfer of Palestinians patients and those accompanying them.

  • Coordinating the transfer of medications and medical equipment to the Judea and Samaria area.

  • Training Palestinian medical personnel.

  • Issuing medical certificates.

  • Assembling joint health committees between Israel and the Palestinians.

  • Issuing permits for physicians and medical personnel in Israel.

  • Coordinating granting driving permits in Israel in Palestinian vehicles for Palestinian physicians working in Israeli hospitals.

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