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The Trade and Industry Office at the Civil Administration coordinates with the Palestinian Authority in issues of import, foreign trade, merchant's activity and encouragement of the activity of economic establishments in Area C, in order to assist in the promotion and development of local economy.

The office coordinates the activity vis-a-vis the Standards Institution of Israel and the standards institution at the Palestinian Authority, as part of the process of approving the standardization of products. In addition, in 2016 the office trained Palestinian importers and exporters at the Standards Institution of Israel in order to reduce waiting times at the ports and streamline the process of releasing merchandise. The office is also responsible for examining applications for bringing dual-use items into the Palestinian Authority and inspecting merchandise that is transferred to Judea and Samaria.

The office is responsible for issuing licenses for the activity of Israeli and Palestinian quarries, supervising them and coordinating the export of merchandise vis-a-vis the Civil Administration officials. The office also works to approve and promote new factories and industrial zones in Area C. Prominent industrial zones are the Japanese industrial zone in Jericho, the one being established in Jenin and the one in Qalqilya. These facilities provide income and services to the population and certainly contribute to the welfare of the entire region.

Areas of responsibility and services:

  • Industries Administration – issuing marking exemptions and licenses for imports of consumer products, food and hi-tech industries.

  • Standardization Administration – recommendations regarding standard exemptions, coordinating and liaising with the standards institution at the Palestinian Authority, donations, coordinating with industry executives in Israel and the Standards Institution.

  • Environment and Sustainable Development Administration – examining applications for the entry of equipment/dual-use items and issuing designated transferring licenses to those found in need of such on the one hand, and who will not use it for terrorism purposes on the other hand. Additionally, conducting visits at crossings while guiding and training customs officials on the necessary supervision procedures.

  • Natural Resources Administration – supervising quarries/industrial shredders/examination of new requests. The staff officer holds the authority to approve the renewal of mining licenses subject to compliance with several conditions.

  • Imports Administration – registering those engaged in foreign trade, releasing of goods (MB72 Form), issuing licenses by authorized officials, releasing bank guarantees.

  • Industrial Zones (Development) Administration – managing, accompanying and centralizing requests to establish economic projects in Judea and Samaria.


It is necessary to clarify that the Paris Agreements (1993), which determine one customs policy  for Israel and the entire region, also establish, among other things, quotas for certain products. The staff officer works with the Palestinian Authority, in coordination with the offices in Israel, to periodically update these quotas. He is responsible for issuing import licenses according to the abovementioned points.

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