The Infrastructure Department at the Civil Administration is responsible for realizing the Israeli government's policy on issues of real estate in Area C in Judea and Samaria and promoting projects for both the Israeli and Palestinian populations.

The domain is comprehensive and coordinates the enforcement activities against illegal construction and removal of invaders, concentrates the headquarters' work of seizing real estate for operational purposes, works to develop and preserve archeological sites as well as nature reserves and also to promote outline plans and electrical connections.

The domain promotes, along with Civil Administration institutions, electrical plans for Palestinian villages without connection, such as Daher Al-Maleh, and also these days promotes outline plans for the city of Qalqilya, Izbeit A-Tabib, Nabi Ilyas and additional locations.

In 2016 the domain promoted the improvement and development of road infrastructures in Judea and Samaria, and the construction began for the bypass road of Gush Etzion Square, and also significant progress was made in the bypass roads of Al-Arroub and Nabi Ilyas.

Environmental issues were addressed by the domain through promoting waste disposal sites in Al-Maniya and Zahret Al Finjan and wastewater treatment facilities in Ein Yabrud-Ofra, Alibrod, Ein Jeriot, etc.


Areas of responsibility and services:

  • Realizing government powers in real estate issues in Area C.

  • Collecting, preserving and processing data in infrastructure and real estate issues.

  • Realizing government policy in regard to government owned land allocation, promoting outline plans and establishing jurisdiction.

  • Coordinating enforcement activities – demolishing illegal structures, removing invaders and handling environmental hazards.

  • Concentrating the headquarters' work of seizing or allocating real estate for military needs according to security agencies' needs.

  • Expropriating real estate for public needs, such as roads.

  • Statutory development and promotion of archaeological sites, nature reserves and national parks.

  • Improving the quality of life of the Palestinian population in Area C including outline plans, electricity connections.

  • Providing information and consultation in issues of real estate status for legal entities and decision makers.

  • Working with Palestinian Authority representatives and planners in the real estate domain.

  • Membership in the "Delineation of State Lands Team", assisting in carrying out land survey procedures and promoting the declaration of real estate as government property.

  • Participating in the various committees of the Supreme Planning Council.

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Head of Department
Lieutenant Colonel Aviad Caspi