Supervision Unit


The Central Supervisory Unit at the Civil Administration in Judea and Samaria is responsible for law enforcement and security legislation in Area C, while emphasizing enforcement measures under planning and construction laws against illegal construction in both Israeli and Palestinian sectors, preserving state lands and firing areas.

The unit's inspectors perform daily patrols from Jenin to Hebron, from the Shfela to the Valley, with the aim of identifying illegal activity in Area C and taking administrative proceedings against it.

The unit performs a unique activity due to the fact that its job concerns all domains of Judea and Samaria, including environmental matters, quarries monitoring, disconnecting illegal water connections, damage to forests and more.

The unit is even entrusted with the activity of the Team for the Examination of the Status of Real Estate in Judea and Samaria, operating at the Civil Administration. Among its tasks, the team examines the status of real estate within the framework of survey procedures whose purpose is to locate state lands in the area, in order for the Custodian of Government Property to declare them as such. In addition, the team is entrusted with examining the borders of historical declarations by advanced technological means in order to make them more exact. All of this, in accordance with the priorities and directives of the state.

In 2015 the unit led the establishment of the neighborhood whose purpose was to provide planning solutions for the Bedouin population that lives illegally in the Ma'ale Adumim area. Within this framework, 35 lots that include infrastructure of water, electricity and sewerage were established, in order to provide the residents with a chance to build their homes in a legal manner.

Areas of responsibility and services:

  • Inspecting and locating illegal construction in all sectors and firing areas.

  • Preserving state lands.

  • Conducting land surveys in accordance with state directives.

  • Inspecting and enforcing environmental procedures.

  • Inspecting illegal mining, quarrying and water drilling.

  • Enforcing the illegal transportation of caravans in Judea and Samaria.

  • Supervising the establishment of illegal telecommunication and electrical lines, as well as solar installations.

  • Handling illegal gas stations.

  • Enforcing the Road Supervision Law.

  • Inspecting forests, archaeological sites, nature reserves and national parks.

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