International Organizations


The International Organizations Domain at the Civil Administration is responsible for liaising between international organizations, both governmental and non-governmental, consulates and state representatives, bodies and international initiating companies.

This department is in continuous contact with more than 100 organizations and different consulates, and works with these bodies to realize various projects in infrastructure, construction, welfare, education and culture. These projects are funded by the international community in Judea and Samaria, while coordinating with security agencies, the various army units and professional bodies within the Civil Administration.

The Civil Administration attaches great importance to the connection and coordination with the international community. These collaborations yield dozens of projects each year, joint tours are conducted, lectures for security forces are held, and numerous inquiries on various topics related to assisting the local population are handled.

In 2016 the department promoted many projects with international organizations such as establishing the Tel Rumeida playground, renovating and expanding the Huwara road, continuing the operation of the wastewater treatment facility in Deir Sharaf and in 2017 the Gilboa Crossing (Jalame) will be renovated in collaboration with USAID.

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Head of Department
Major Moti Stolovitz