Land Registration


The Land Registration Coordinator is in charge of regulation and registration of ownership of land in Area C.

The management of the Land Registration Office is located in Bet El, with additional nine registration bureaus spread throughout the Judea and Samaria area. In addition, the management of the local employees is located in the land registration bureau in Ramallah.

Areas of responsibility and services:

  • Granting licenses for land transactions.

  • Collecting fees in accordance with existing legislation and for performing actions vis-a-vis the unit.

  • Supervision of registration procedures – examining registration files, signing procedures before the registrar, procedures for visiting a location and registration in the Land Registry.

  • Issuing extracts and information about land rights.

  • Administrative supervision of committees for the first-time registration of real estate that has not yet been registered.

  • Responsibility for Israeli property tax offices in the Judea and Samaria area.

  • Responsibility for the registration and regulation of land ownership.

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