The Central Surveyor's Unit handles civil and military issues which require familiarization with procedures and extensive experience in the surveying and geo-cartography profession. The staff officer for surveying is the commanding authority for the issue in working with the Civil Administration and external agencies.

The staff officer for surveying issues is the authority for granting licenses for Palestinian surveyors to deal in the profession in Area C.

Areas of responsibility and services:

  • Examining and approving plans for registry purposes and plans for first-time registry for interested parties in Area C.

  • Providing services and land information: fiscal maps, reducing regional gaps  and plans for the purpose of land registration.

  • Identifying lands according to mandatory registration.

  • The commanding authority for determining location in relation to the region's geodesic grid.

  • Providing professional cadastral information to the public of professional surveyors.

Information or maps can be acquired with a payment of a fee according to the Survey of Israel price list, via cash or check.

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