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The Communications and Postal Services Office at the Civil Administration is responsible for exercising all communications and postal services powers in the Judea and Samaria area, based on the applicable law of the region. 

The Office is also responsible for regulating the activity of Israeli telecommunications and postal services companies, authorizing use of frequencies in the entire region and granting approvals to establish telecommunication infrastructures and communication facilities in Area C. 

This office is responsible for granting approvals for brining telecommunication equipment into the Judea and Samaria area and maintains work relations with its Palestinian counterparts in all areas of telecommunications and postal services.

The Communications Unit at the Civil Administration is currently promoting a plan, which began in 2014, to improve reception in Judea and Samaria. Within the framework of this plan, three cellular facilities were established in Dolev, Maskiot and Metzad, in addition to other facilities being established. Additionally, optical fibers were installed in Wadi Haramiya, which significantly improved cellular reception in the area.

In 2015 an agreement has been signed, allowing the layout of 3G telecommunication network infrastructure for the Palestinian population in Judea and Samaria, a move which is destined to help the development of the cellular field and increase the number of Palestinians employed in Palestinian telecommunication companies.

In addition, in 2016 the Postal Agreement was signed with the Palestinian Authority, regulating the work of postal services in the Palestinian Authority in an independent manner with countries around the world.

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