Nature Reserves and Parks


The Nature Reserves and Parks Unit at the Civil Administration is in charge of the treatment, maintenance and preservation of nature reserves sites and parks in Judea and Samaria. Nature preservation is crucial in this area, due to its marginal position between the desert region and the Mediterranean Sea.

The existence of various species in the transitional regions, both fauna and flora, is of great importance to science and nature preservation. Another unique multi-year project in the Judean Desert area is the reinforcement of the eagle population.

There is also a one-of-a-kind concentration of archaeological sites in Judea and Samaria, representing the region's heritage throughout history. The Civil Administration greatly invests in the development of the sites, and some have been excavated, declared and prepared for visiting audiences. Among the most prominent historical sites are the Herodium National Park, Qumran National Park, Sebastia National Park and the baptism site. These sites hold holiday activities open to the public, and thousands of visitors do in fact arrive at these places. In addition, each year we invest in the maintenance of sites, which are free of charge for all visitors, such as: Ein Mabua, the site marking the tomb of the prophet Samuel, the Wadi Murabba'at (Darga Stream) Reserve, the baptism site and more.

One of the sites on which the Civil Administration invested a considerable amount of resources in recent years was the site of the Prophet Samuel's Tomb. Preservation and development works were carried at the site to accommodate the safety and convenience of worshipers from all religions visiting the site. These renovations included flooring restoration of the original tiles, installation of air conditioning, additional safety measures and more. In addition, archeological excavations are carried out these days, revealing additional layers and exposing more information about the fascinating history of the site. You are welcomed to visit these sites and additional ones and enjoy the ancient history alongside the lush green nature.

Areas of responsibility and services:

  • Declaring, managing and maintaining nature reserves, national parks and protected zones.

  • Developing and supervising nature reserves and national parks and preparing the sites for visitors.

  • Declaring protected wildlife.

  • Granting hunting licenses and supervising signage laws and illegal hunting.

  • Supervising open areas in the Judea and Samaria area in order to prevent injuries and to assist the Civil Administration in enforcing laws relating to land, water, nature, quality of life and the environment.

  • Approving construction activity in the areas of reserves and in areas of protected zones.

  • Patrolling and conducting research in order to preserve the nature reserves and national parks, and the preservation of rare species.

  • Educating, informing and training on nature and heritage.

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