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The Religious Affairs Staff Officer at the Civil Administration is in charge of the holy places of Judea and Samaria and assists the entities maintaining and operating the holy sites.

The unit is entrusted with enforcement of the Holy Places Order, which states that all holy places shall be protected from desecration and any other form of violation, and from anything likely to violate the freedom of access of members of all religions to places which they consider sacred or injure their feelings in regard to these places.

The Religious Affairs Staff Officer greatly invests in upgrading and renovating the holy places. For example, during the last year he greatly invested in the renovation and development of the Prophet Samuel's Tomb. Restoration measures were carried out to improve the safety and convenience of worshipers from all religions. These renovations included the restoration of the original paving, installation of air conditioning, additional safety measures and more.

Likewise, the Religious Affairs Unit at the Civil Administration recently completed the renovation of the Karaite burial plot at the old Jewish cemetery in Hebron, which included fencing the Spanish burial plot at the cemetery, cleaning and exposing tombstones.

Accordingly, in 2016 the Civil Administration invested about one million NIS in connecting Rachel's Tomb, located near the city of Bethlehem, to water infrastructures. The project in fact regulated the water supply to the site.  We should note that these days the Civil Administration is promoting a project for adding lighting systems on the access road to the site.

All year round, and especially during holidays and special occasions, the Religious Affairs Office works to promote freedom of worship and religion for all religions in the area.  

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