Social Welfare


The Social Welfare Coordinator at the Civil Administration is responsible for coordination and liaison between the Israeli authorities and Palestinian Authority representatives on issues relating to the Palestinian population's welfare.

The coordinator's office receives complex inquiries which require a high level of sensitivity, for example cases of mixed families, domestic violence, drug use and to applications for granting assistance to students with disabilities to study in schools in Israel.

Within the framework of its activity, the Social Welfare Coordinator promotes the arrival of battered Palestinian women at appropriate institutions, both within the Palestinian Authority and within Israel, where they receive the appropriate care and support, both physically and mentally. In addition, the Social Welfare Coordinator coordinates the attendance of students with disabilities at schools in Jerusalem, if no appropriate institutions were found in the Palestinian Authority.

In addition, the office provides solutions to Israeli social welfare offices, serving legal opinions, performing social surveys and handling requests for entry permits to Israel for social issues.

One particularly moving story is the story of A., a Palestinian teenager who suffers from Ascher's syndrome, which causes hearing and vision impairments. Every morning, A. arrives at the KIAH School, a school for deaf and blind children in Kiryat HaYovel in Jerusalem, from his home in the Palestinian village of Abu Dis. The school is well-known to A.'s  family, since his older brother also studied and received his education there, alongside other Israeli students with such disabilities. Thanks to this solution, A. fulfilled his dream of attending school like everyone else.

Areas of responsibility and services:

  • Handling requests for entry permits to Israel for non-governmental international organizations.

  • Handling requests for entry permits to Israel for foreign welfare institutions operating in Jerusalem and in the surrounding area.

  • Issuing licenses for visitation arrangements of children of mixed couples.

  • Preparing social surveys (social reports) for minors standing trial before military courts in the region.

  • Coordinating the return of Palestinian minors begging for alms to the Judea and Samaria area with the Israel Police and the security coordination branch at the Civil Administration.

  • Preparing social reports for Palestinians who claim to have a threatening social background – in order to assist them in finding a solution.

  • Assisting women in distress within the Palestinian Authority.

  • Assisting Palestinians in need according to each individual request.

  • Providing solutions and consultations to social welfare offices in Israel for Palestinians in their area.

  • Assisting social welfare offices in Israel on the subject of abduction of mixed couples' children to the Judea and Samaria area.

  • Submitting opinions to absorption committees in regards to children of mixed parents.

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