Get to Know the Activities of the Jenin District Coordination and Liaison

Get to Know the Activities of the Jenin District Coordination and Liaison

Jenin DCL


The Jenin District Coordination and Liaison (DCL) works to implement the civil policy in the region and to provide assistance for the approximately 90,000 local residents.


The main crossing in the region is the Gilboa Crossing (Jalama), where approximately 9,000 people cross on a daily basis to reach the Gilboa region, the valleys and work in agriculture, construction and providing services. These days the DCL promotes the renovation and expansion of the Gilboa Crossing with the assistance of USAID in order to better accommodate pedestrians, and to increase the scope of goods and vehicles passing through it. The project costs approximately three million USD and renovations started in early January 2017.

The Jenin region is characterized by its extensive agricultural activity, particularly in crops such as strawberries, olives, tobacco and cucumbers, which are the main sources of income for the area. In addition, the marble and stone industries are another source of income for the residents of Qabatiya, from the quarries and factories in the region.

In recent months, several projects have been promoted by the DCL in order to improve the welfare of local residents, including connecting the village of Daher Al-Maleh to electrical infrastructures and approval of the outline plan for the village. In addition, the outline plan for the village of Ta'anakh has been approved and construction of a playground in the Anin Forest is planned for the welfare of local residents.

Other projects include, the extension of water lines to villages in the north of Jenin, the renovation of the Arabah and Sa-Nur, the establishment of an industrial zone in Jenin, the Jenin envelope road was renovated, and the construction of a sewage treatment plant in the village of Tayasir was promoted. For more information about these projects, visit the "Our Activities" page.

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Jenin DCL
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The Jenin DCL is found 3km east of the Megido Junction

Ways to get there:

The #840, #823 and #841 from the Central Bus Station in Afula reach Megido Junction

From the New Tel Aviv Central Bus Station, the #840, #841, #843, #835 and #823 reach the junction.

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Gilboa Crossing

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Sun. 4:00-12:00

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Fri. 4:45-13:00

Rechan Crossing

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Sun.-Fri. 5:00-21:00

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