Get to Know the Activities of the Jericho District Coordination and Liaison

Get to Know the Activities of the Jericho District Coordination and Liaison

Jericho DCL


The Jericho District Coordination and Liaison (DCL) works to implement the civil policy in the area, while providing the best response to its residents, and provides services to over 70,000 Palestinians in the city of Jericho and nearby villages, and to approximately 10,000 civilians residing in the Israeli settlements of the region.


Under the responsibility of the DCL is the Coordination Office at the international border crossing to Jordan, Allenby Bridge, which is operated by the Airports Authority. During the busy season in the summer, around 10,000 travelers cross through Allenby Bridge on a daily basis, and during the period of pilgrimage to Mecca the DCL coordinates the crossing of approximately 5,000 travelers observing the religious duties of Umrah and Hajj in Mecca.

Currently, the Airports Authority, in coordination with the Civil Administration, is planning a new passenger terminal to be constructed for the benefit of travelers and visitors, at an expected investment of 160 million NIS. In recent years approximately seven million NIS were invested in improving and upgrading the crossing for the travelers' benefit, while improving inspection procedures in order to shorten the crossing time. Likewise, an X-ray facility, donated by the Dutch government, will be constructed for the purpose of scanning merchandise, and is expected to double the number of trucks that will enter Judea and Samaria. In addition, a cargo terminal is being constructed at an investment of approximately 120 million NIS, to streamline the process of transferring goods, increase the scope of activities and assist the merchants' performance in Judea and Samaria.

The Jericho region is characterized by extensive activity in agriculture and tourism, which are the main trades of the local residents. Agriculture is a major source of income for both populations, which enjoy an unusually good neighborly relationship. In recent years we are witnessing the development of and increase in the scope of activity of the date industry, and for this purpose we are working to find creative solutions to providing sufficient water supply for irrigation.

Jericho is one of the oldest cities in history, and the lowest in the world, attracting many tourists who come to visit the holy sites located in the area, including a baptism site, ancient monasteries such as Deir Hijleh and St. George, archaeological sites; just recently one of the world's largest mosaics has been revealed in Hisham's Palace in the city. Beyond visits to historical and holy sites that the region offers, the Dead Sea is a major attraction due to its well-known medicinal properties.

In the region of the valley the Civil Administration has been operating for several years a facility to absorb stray animals, unattended by their owners, in order to avoid endangering human lives on the roads.

The DCL works in cooperation with the international community to promote projects for the welfare of the population, such as: the Japanese industrial zone, which is expected to generate approximately 5,000 jobs, an underground passage in Auja to maintain the safety of pedestrians, and additional projects which you can read about on "Our Activities" page.

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The Jericho DCL is found near the town of Vered Yericho

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The #961 and #486 to Almog Junction

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