Get to Know the Activities of the Ramallah District Coordination and Liaison

Get to Know the Activities of the Ramallah District Coordination and Liaison

Ramallah DCL


The Ramallah DCL works to implement the civil policy in the region and to provide beneficial services to approximately 380,000 residents living in the region and residing in 78 Palestinian villages, 23 Israeli settlements and the city of Ramallah. The Ramallah DCL is located in northern-central region of Judea and Samaria and northern region of Jerusalem.

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Ramallah is the seat of the Palestinian Authority. The PA runs most of its governmental and security services out of Ramallah. As the largest Palestinian city, it also attracts many international offices and those of major companies. In addition, there is a large industrial zone in Betunia with one of the largest manufacturing plants in Judea and Samaria, including a pharmaceutical manufacturing facility, and a Coca Cola facility.

The Ramallah DCL works to promote and expand local economic projects of the stone industry while promoting and planning procedures for quarries in Area "C" and coordinating detonations for mining operations in stone quarries in Area “B”. Additionally, the DCL assists in managing the expansion of the Sha'ar Binyamin industrial zone and increase the rate of employment in the region.

In cooperation with the international community, the Ramallah DCL promotes projects for the welfare of the Palestinian population, such as: renovating major access roads of the village Beitin, assisting in building the water infrastructure for the city Rawabi and other projects.

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Ramallah DCL
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The Ramallah DCl is found east of Ramallah, near Bet El.

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The #170 Bus from The Jerusalem Central Bus Station goes directly to the DCL

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Maccabi Crossing

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