Get to Know the Activities of the Shechem District Coordination and Liaison

Get to Know the Activities of the Shechem District Coordination and Liaison

Shechem DCL


The city of Shechem lies between two mountains – Mount Ebal and Mount Gerizim (Har Bracha). The residents of the region are addressed by the Shechem DCL, which works to implement the civil policy and provides services for the approximately 470,000 residents in the central city of Shechem, the 52 Palestinian villages and the 8 Israeli settlements in the region.


The area of Shechem is known for its historical and tourism sites, including Joseph's Tomb, which is situated at the foot of the ancient mound in Shechem, Be'er Ya'akov, a Greek Orthodox Church, which is situated in the Shechem Valley, and Mount Gerizim, where the Samaritan community resides. The majoirty of the region's population is Muslim, however there is a strong Christian minority as well.

Shechem is the second largest city in the Palestinian Authority's and serves as a center for trade and services essential for the Samaria region. In the past, Shechem was considered the capital of the Palestinian economy, and a Palestinian stock exchange market even operated there. Today, the city is characterized mainly by the import and export of goods from Israel and abroad. Shechem has two large industrial zones, the East and West, and many factories around the city are engaged in the furniture industry.

The DCL works in cooperation with the international community to promote projects for the welfare of the population, such as: wastewater irrigation to increase agricultural production and save drinking water, construction of a sewage treatment plant in the village of Deir Sharaf, the expansion of the gas plant at the Beit Lid junction, renovation of the Huwara road by USAID and additional projects which you can read about on the "Our Activities" page.

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The Shechem CLA is on the south of Shechem, by the entrance to Hawara

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The #101 Bus from Ariel stops at the CLA  


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