Get to Know the Activities of the Civil Administration

Get to Know the Activities of the Civil Administration

The Civil Administration in Judea and Samaria


Curious about the activities of the Civil Administration in Judea & Samaria? Are you a resident of the region and need more information? Then this page provides the relevant information for you.


The Civil Administration is a civil-military body that is charged with implementing Israel’s civil policy in the territory. It operates as a civilian operation, but sits under the command of the military authority in Judea and Samaria. The primary purpose of the Civil Administration is to work to improve the quality of life of the local population in the region.   

The unit is comprised of officers, civilians and soldiers working side by side to implement policy in coordination with the ministries of Israel. The unit is headed by a Major General, and derives its  authority from the IDF Central Command.

In order to fulfil its mission, the Civil Administration works on areas ranging from transportation to infrastructure to water, agriculture, electricity, economy, health and more.

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The Civil Administration consists of 22 government office sites located throughout the northern and southern regions and 8 District Coordination and Liaison (DCL) centers spread throughout Judea and Samaria. Within this framework, executive officers work to keep in continuous touch with local Palestinian residents, with Israeli settlement representatives and with international organizations, Palestinian security mechanisms and in correlation with the Palestinian Authority.

Judea and Samaria

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