Get to Know the Activities of the Hebron District Coordination and Liaison

Get to Know the Activities of the Hebron District Coordination and Liaison

Hebron DCL


The Hebron district is the largest district of the DCL offices in Judea and Samaria, and the city of Hebron itself is one of oldest cities. The Hebron DCL provides services to the 750,000 Palestinian residents and 22,000 Israelis residing in the district. Within the old city limits there are 250,000 Palestinians and 800 Jews.


Hebron’s ancient history and holy sites showcase a mixture of Judaism and Islam, such as the Tomb of the Patriarchs, Tomb of Ruth and Ishai along with additional sites. The Hebron DCL works with both Palestinian and Israeli representatives in order to preserve freedom of religious observance  and access to both Muslims and Jews. Throughout the year, religious observance was upheld at the Tomb of Patriarchs for both Palestinians and Jews side by side, sharing the site 10 separate times during the year, depending on the status quo. Depending on these holidays and special occasion for religious observance, these holy sites are designated to each religious party. These special occasions include Isra and Mi’raj: Night Journey, Ramadan, Night of Decree, Shabbat Chayei Sarah, the birth of the Prophet Muhammed, Sukkot, the Jewish New Year and more.

Hebron has developed an industry of over 17,000 factories, most of the traditional industrial factories which are used for the production and sale of marble, stone, and concrete. These operations are located in central areas of the city. As part of economic activity, Hebron DCL coordinates hundreds of trucks to go through the Tarqumiya crossing, carrying goods for factories in Israel and Judea and Samaria.

In 2016, the Hebron DCL executed major renovation projects, such as the renovation of the Karaite cemetery in Hebron and the sewage line in the Jewish settlement. Additionally, the DCL works directly with the international community in order to promote projects for the benefit of the local population, such as: renovation of schools and public facilities, the establishment of Tel Rumeida playground, paving roads and squares in Anun designed to regulate the safety in the area.

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The Hebron DCL is found on Har Menuchot, near Kiryat Arab.

Ways to get there:
The #440 and #160 Buses from Jerusalem stop at the base, as well as the #440 bus from Beer Sheva

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Tarqumiya Crossing:

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Sun.-Fri.  3:45-19:00

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 Sun.-Sat. 24 Hours

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Meitar Crossing

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Metzudah Yehuda Crossing

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