Hundreds of Palestinians Take Part in Agricultural Exhibition in Tel Aviv

Around 240 Palestinian farmers and businessmen came to Tel Aviv this year for the Fresh Agro-Mashov exhibition. At the exhibition, they met with their Israeli-business counterparts, created business relations and became familiar with the latest innovations in agriculture.


In recent weeks, staff from the Civil Administration (CA) and representatives of the CA’s Agriculture Office coordinated and funded the arrival of over 240 Palestinian farmers to the Tel Aviv Convention Center. During the Fresh Agro-Mashov exhibition, Palestinian and Israeli farmers met one another to create and strengthen business relations. Additionally, marketers, wholesalers and businessmen, both from Israel and abroad, attended the exhibition with the goal of developing Palestinian agriculture and ensuring the quality of fruits and vegetables grown throughout Judea and Samaria. 


Palestinian farmers and businessmen browsed various stalls displaying produce at the exhibition. They listened to lectures from top researchers and professionals and explored various innovative and technological advancements displayed. The exhibition contained various elements intended on educating the farmers on how to improve their techniques, and in turn will be resourceful in developing the Palestinian economy, which is heavily dependent on agriculture.  


There was a very positive atmosphere at the exhibition. Israeli and Palestinian farmers created important business relationships for the road ahead in order to bring economic advancement for both sides. This is the 27th year in a row this exhibition is taking place, and its organizers expressed hope that next year Palestinians will continue to take part in this exhibition.