The David Unit: Working to Prevent Waste Smuggling to Judea and Samaria

The David Unit works tirelessly at crossings throughout Judea and Samaria to monitor goods and ensures that unauthorized transfers of waste to illegal waste sites does not occur. These unregulated waste sites pollute the environment and produce harmful environmental hazards.

The David Unit, which is led by the Coordination Officer for Environmental Protection in the Civil Administration (CA), began operation in January of 2014 and since then has been closely monitoring the crossings between Israel and Judea and Samaria for various types of waste. The need for close supervision to prevent the transfers of waste is of great environmental importance as illegal waste sites pollute both the land and water in the area.  

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Items confiscated by the David Unit

The use of smuggled waste, such as building materials, used oils and logs for charcoal production, is illegal and harmful. For example, operators of the environmentally hazardous charcoal production plants in Judea and Samaria often smuggle their waste, causing heavy environmental damage.  

The unit operates at all of the crossings in Judea and Samaria, from Jalame in the north to Meitar in the south, and unit inspectors can be seen working at all hours of the day and night. The activities of the unit are carried out in accordance with the instructions of the Coordination Officer for Environmental Protection in the CA and in cooperation with the CA's Supervision Unit and relevant security authorities.   

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Logo of the David Unit

The unit carries out many activities such as scanning, surveillance, inspection, observation and information gathering. The unit's inspectors at the crossings check the validity of permits for trucks passing through the crossing and also carry out enforcement actions together with the Supervision Unit of the CA. Since the David Unit's inception, the unit has thwarted hundreds of attempts to smuggle waste into Judea and Samaria, while since the start of 2017, 78 trucks have been stopped attempting to smuggle waste.