For the Second Time This Year: Israel to Expand the Fishing Zone Near Gaza


This coming Wednesday, October 18, Israel will expand the southern fishing area of the Gaza Strip from six nautical miles to nine nautical miles for a month and a half in order to benefit Gaza’s fishermen and to improve the economy in the Gaza Strip.

​This coming Wednesday, October 18, for the second time in 2017, Israel will be expanding the southern fishing area of the Gaza Strip. This will allow Gazan fishermen to fish deeper into the Mediterranean in order to catch more fish and increase their income.

On Wednesday, Officers from the Gaza Coordination and Liaison Administration will board navy ships to coordinate and explain to Gazans the implementation of this complex process, which is expected to develop the Gaza economy and directly benefit the fishermen in particular, and all those involved in the fishing industry.


The expansion of the fishing area was approved and implemented by the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories, Major General Yoav (Poly) Mordechai, in cooperation with the Commander of Israel’s Navy, Major General Eli Sharvit, and the Commander of the Southern Command, Major General Eyal Zamir. The fishing area will be expanded for a month and a half until the 29th of November.

It should be noted that the expansion of the fishing area is contingent upon the fishermen in Gaza who must respect the agreement and not exploit it for smuggling and attempts to penetrate into Israel. In addition, in accordance with the instructions of the Coordinator, the naval forces responsible for enforcing the new area will not allow deviation from the range agreed upon and any deviation will be handled accordingly.