After More Than Ten Years: Glass Products to be Exported from the Gaza Strip

In 2005 A. stopped the export of his glass products from the Gaza Strip to Judea and Samaria. Now, after more than 10 years, he has returned to export his products, which he has been making since he stopped the export.

​A. is the owner of a glass factory in the Gaza Strip. His factory's products have been sold since 1985 in Judea and Samaria, mainly to tourists. When exports from the Gaza Strip stopped, A. completely stopped the activity of the factory. Now, after 13  years, A. has returned to export glass products that were saved from the factory's operations.

Last Sunday, with the assistance of the Gaza Civil Liaison Administration (CLA), 8 tons of painted glass belonging to A’s factory were transferred from the Gaza Strip to markets in Judea and Samaria, such as Bethlehem, Ramallah, Hebron and East Jerusalem. This is a significant breakthrough after many years of these glass products not being recived in Judea and Samaria from the Gaza Strip.


In the coming months, additional products are expected to be coordinated to be marketed in Judea and Samaria. Some of the products, which were ordered in advance, are scheduled to be shipped to Hebron and from there to the United States.

Work in the glass factory of A. in Gaza has been a traditional handcraft over the years, with every product needing careful work and thought. Prior to the cessation of activity in the factory, 16 Palestinians worked in the factory. Now, with the resumption of activity, A. hopes to re-establish employment for Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.