Hamas Terror Tunnels- Built with Gazans’ Stolen Money


Terror tunnels, the main investment of the Hamas terror organization, are not aimed to create a better future for the residents of Gaza, but are rather destroying it, propelling Gaza toward a conflict with Israel. Hundreds of millions of dollars, many of which comes from foreign aid, which Hamas diverts to tunnel building rather than to aid Gaza’s two million residents.


“Such glorious days are upon us...”

The cynical song “Shoo Al-Iyyam”(What Glorious Days) by the famous Arabic singer and poet Ziad Al-Rahbani speaks of money stolen by rich Arab tyrants: “All the money that was stolen from the common people, of which there is so much it cannot be counted, will be returned back to them.” While the tyrants Al-Rahbani sang about put the stolen money into their own pockets, Hamas diverts the money stolen from Gaza’s residents into building terror tunnels in order to use them against Israel in terror operations, which can only lead to an Israeli response, as has happened in the past.

Building materials such as cement, wood and metal, and even more expensive resources such as gas, electricity and tax revenue are being diverted to building Hamas’ terror tunnels. Hamas is betraying its own people, the people of Gaza, by using these variable resources to harm Palestinians rather than aid them, and secondly Hamas is betraying the International Community who donated these good to aid the civilians of Gaza.

"All the money that was stolen- comes from the residents pockets”- The Exploitation in Numbers

Since the end of “Operation Protective Edge” in August of 2014, the Hamas terror organization has invested approximately 120 Million USD (around 42.5 Million USD per year), and continues to invest at a high rate in the terror tunnels. Quality concrete goes to build the tunnels instead of residential areas, endangering residents and electricity is redirected to build and lighten the terror tunnels 24 hours a day, while hospitals and the homes of civilians suffer constant outages. At the same time, many of the tunnels have collapsed on their own. In 2016 alone, 25 terror tunnels collapsed, killing 21 terrorist operatives inside and injuring many more- none of those were sons or relatives of the high ranking Hamas operatives- the tunnels are reserved for the poor and “common”.

According to various estimates, a terror tunnel can cost anywhere from 3 to 10 Million USD- depending on its depth and length. If the terror organization Hamas rid itself of its agenda of terror and tried to turn Gaza into the “Singapore of the Middle East” for the benefit of Gaza’s residents, what would they be able to do with this money? In the Gaza Strip 1,500 spacious homes could be built, a new sewage treatment plant could be built each year, seven extensions could be built to water desalination plants or they could give a one time grant of 60 USD to every resident of the Gaza Strip.

Hamas Tunnels_Infographic_ENG.jpg 

"We never see them (Hamas) sweating”

These facts do not seem to bother the leadership of the terror organization, as they continue to build terror tunnels at the expense of Gaza’s residents. Moreover, members of the military wing and leadership of Hamas do not join the work on the tunnels-  they let the work fall to poor Gazans who have no choice but to work on them. Not having to face the dire consequences of tunnel building, it is not surprising when Muhammud al-Zahar, a member of the Hamas leadership bragged “Even if Israel uncovers, one, two or even ten tunnels, there will still be more going deep into Israel”. It will be members of the leadership, like al-Zahar, who will hide in the tunnels during conflicts, even though they did not assist with or die in the building process, while Gaza’s civilians, who did build the tunnels, will get stuck in the crossfire. A Hamas terrorist operative stated in an interview with the Iranian new agency YLC in 2017 that “The tunnels are being laid underground toward israeli communities surrounding the Gaza Strip.   

In addition, the Hamas terror organization is not afraid to endanger the homes of residents, their children, and international aid workers in hospitals and schools, and uses them as human shields as it builds tunnels underneath these public structures. For example, Hamas operative Faiz Attar admitted that “tunnel openings are located under civilian homes, schools and mosques” and that “rocket launching sites are also kept nearby.” Another operative Bilal Razniyya revealed that “during Operation Protective Edge the Kamal Adwan hospital in northern Gaza was used as a military base.” These facts were reinforced when, in 2016, a Hamas terror tunnel collapsed underneath a UNRWA school.  

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Everyone of us has a pen, let’s all sign for change and tomorrow all the nations will rise up

The song by Ziad Al-Rahbani ends with a heartfelt wish, to all those listening to the song, Al- Rahbani hopes that there can be an agreement reached to start an uprising against the oppressors of the people. Hamas, as it seems, would rather waste money and resources on building terror tunnels, rather than aiding Gaza’s population. Moreover, the use of these tunnels- a clear red line for Israel- could lead to fighting. All this could potentially harm the population of Gaza which will have to deal with the consequences of Hamas’ whimsical obsession with terror tunnels.  

The song “Shoo Al-Iyyam”(What Glorious Days) by Ziad Al- Rahbani: