Interfaith Conference for the Advancement of Peace Held at Hebrew University

The Truman Institute at the Hebrew University is currently holding an interfaith conference promoting peace and dialogue.  Around 150 Muslims, Jews and Christians from around the world  are participating in the conference. The participants are holding meetings and workshops on a variety of topics.


Sunday (2.7.17) marked the festive opening of the Interfaith Conference for the Advancement of Peace and Intercultural Dialogue in The Truman Institute at the Hebrew University. Around 150 members from three monotheistic faiths — Islam, Judaism and Christianity —participated in the festivities. The opening ceremony was marked by religious figures from each faith praying for peace and brotherhood. After the ceremony around 75 youth from around the world, including Israelis and Palestinians, participated in workshops on topics such as sports, culture, art, technology and more.   

The conference was announced in February of 2017 when Pope Francis indicated the intention of the Vatican to initiate a conference to promote peace through culture and dialogue between Christians, Muslims and Jews from across the globe. It was determined that the Truman Institute at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem would host the conference and that invitations would be sent out to Israelis, Palestinians and youth from around the world.  


Religious figures from Islam, Judaism and Christianity meet at the conference in Jerusalem

The conference will end on Wednesday (5.7.17) and will be capped off by a speech from Pope Francis delivered to the audience via special broadcast. The atmosphere at the conference is one of positivity and participants have been expressing their hope that the conference will bring people from different cultures and religions closer together.  

The unit for Coordination of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT) is happy to assist in such events that aim to promote cooperation and understanding between religions and people. COGAT organised entry permits for Palestinians wishing to attend the conference, including students from the American School in Bethlehem