Israelis Escort Palestinian Patients from the Gaza Strip to Hospitals in Israel

​​​Nearly every day, Israeli volunteers from 'The Road to Recovery​' arrive at the Erez Crossing in order to transport Palestinian patients from the Gaza Strip to hospitals in Israel where they receive medical treatment.​​​​

The Erez Crossing is the main crossing for the exit of Gazans to the world. Hundreds of people enter and leave the Gaza Strip every day, even during difficult times, when terrorist organizations in the Gaza Strip launch rockets at Israel. Despite the difficulties, the disturbances, the terrorist acts and the security situation, the central reason for the Erez Crossing remaining open is humanitarian. Israel allows Gazans in need of medical treatment to travel to hospitals in Israel, Palestinian hospitals in Judea and Samaria and even abroad.


Take for example last week Tuesday, (22.5.2018) Hedva, a mother of three and grandmother of five, arrived at the Erez crossing in the morning and waited to receive four Gazans - two patients with their two escorts. Hedva is one of hundreds of volunteers who are part of the ‘The Road to Recovery’ organization, which helps transport Palestinians from the Gaza Strip and Judea and Samaria to hospitals in Israel for proper medical treatment, medical examinations and hospitalization.

Hedva says that in the six years she has been a member of the ‘The Road to Recovery​​’ organization, she has transported many Palestinian patients to various hospitals in Israel and has developed a friendly relationship with some of them. For example, she tells of a Hebrew-speaking Gazan boy who is already a friend of her grandson, and every time he comes to Israel for treatment, he meets Hedva and plays with her grandson.

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Around 11:00, the four Gazans who Hedva was waiting for passed through the Erez crossing. She took them to the train and from there they continued to Assuta Hospital so that the two patients would receive the proper medical treatment they deserved. Such simple and moving stories about good people who help people free of charge, regardless of their religion or nationality to which they belong, take place at Erez Crossing every day. One of the Gazan escorts who traveled with Hedva summarized this well: "In humanitarian work, there is no such thing as Israelis or Palestinians, only people.”