Japanese Government Recognizes COGAT’s Activities

Last week, in a special ceremony held in Japan, the Israeli Ambassador to Japan received an award from the head of the Japanese government's aid organization, JICA, on behalf of the Coordination of Government Activities in the Territories. The award was given by Japan in recognition of the contribution made by COGAT in the development of the Japanese industrial zone in Jericho.

On Tuesday (3/10/17), the Japanese government agency for International Cooperation (JICA) held a ceremony in Japan in which JICA awarded a prize to the Coordination of Government Activities in the Territories in recognition of its activities in developing the Japanese industrial zone in Jericho. The award was presented by the President of JICA, Dr. Shinichi Kitakoa, to the Israeli Ambassador to Japan, Mrs. Ruth Kahanoff, who received it on behalf of COGAT and passed it on to the unit’s commanders


The Japanese industrial zone in Jericho is a Japanese-funded project that strives upon the idea of ​​creating peace and prosperity between Israelis and Palestinians. COGAT works tirelessly to advance this project in order to transform the region into a thriving economic center.


 Among the activities of COGAT, through the Civil Administration, coordinate the connecting of electricity and water infrastructures to the industrial zone, as well as the development of access roads from the Allenby Bridge and Jericho. In addition, COGAT maintains contact with the various companies that will, and those that are currently, operate in the industrial zone.