Road Construction Between Jericho and Allenby Bridge Promotes International Trade and Commerce


JICA, the Japan International Cooperation Agency contributed to the establishment of an industrial zone in Jericho and the establishment of the access road to the Allenby Bridge, which allows fast and efficient process for marketing products worldwide.

In 2016, construction plans were approved to pave roads from the Japanese industrial zone in Jericho to Highway 90 and to Allenby Bridge, which serves as an international terminal between Israel and Jordan. The project, funded by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), will provide better access routes for trucks transporting products, manufactured goods and equipment from the Japanese industrial zone in order to promote trade and commerce to other parts of the world.

JICA is a Japanese government organization with a main objective of promoting international cooperation and assistance of the global economy by supporting socio-economic development and restoring or creating financial stability in developing regions. In addition to the Japanese industrial zone, JICA has invested in more than 240 million USD in recent years on industry, infrastructure, tourism and environmental preservation throughout Judea and Samaria.

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The industrial zone in Jericho is considered a significant project in cooperation with COGAT, and as part of the “Peace Corridor” initiative between Jericho and Jordan, it is designed for processing and marketing Palestinian agricultural production abroad. The industrial zone was mainly funded by the JICA organization and is located south of the city Jericho, at the request of the Palestinian and the Japanese authorities. The establishment of the industrial zone in Jericho is part of a larger plan expected to impact the greater Jericho area and is engaged in social, agricultural, tourist and infrastructural developments.

“The establishment of the industrial area was headed by the Civil Administration, a body overseeing the entirety of the project—coordinating the connection of water and electricity infrastructures, paving various access routes and recruiting additional investors for the project.   Currently, there are over 40 investors involved in the construction of the industrial area the region and we are confident that they are able to assist in accelerating the wheels of the economy in order to promote the region,” stated commander of the Civil Administration in Jericho, Lt. Col. Azhar Ganim.

The first phase of construction in the area is expected to be completed towards the end of 2020, and will include about 32 factories specializing in agricultural production. In the second phase, the industrial area will focus on industrial production. Currently, 5 factories are operational in the area and are expected to generate income for approximately 2,000 employees and their families; approximately 5,000 employees are expected to be employed by the end of the second phase.

Connecting the industrial zone to Allenby Bridge will lead to a significant increase in the market and advance developments of Palestinian independence in this field,” said Lt. Col. Ganim. “We, at the DCL, see the importance in the continuous development of the region as part of the Civil Administration's main objectives in the Jericho area.”