COGAT Head Answers Facebook Follower’s Questions in Live Stream Q&A

Head of COGAT, Major General Yoav (Poly) Mordechai  answered questions yesterday from Palestinian residents in Arabic on a Live Stream through his Facebook Page “Al Munasseq”. The questions covered many topics from permits to enter Israel, the Coordinator’s Arabic language skills and he even answered questions from far away countries such as Iraq.


​The Live Stream began yesterday, through the Coordinator’s Facebook page “Al Munasseq”. The Head of COGAT, Major General Yoav (Poly) Mordechai began the live stream by thanking viewers for joining in to the live stream and for sending in thousands of questions through Whatsapp. The coordinator also wished viewers a pleasant Eid al-Fitr holiday and hoped that those watching celebrated the holiday with family and friends.

Here is a transcript of some of the questions and answers from Major General Mordechai:

Mahmoud, Surif, Hebron:

I have not entered Israel in the past 12 years. I requested for a permit but I have a security indication and can not enter.  I hired an attorney from Jerusalem and she took from me 15,000 NIS and then asked for more. Afterwards I applied again for a permit and was rejected. I hired another lawyer and paid him more. Tell me, to get a permit must I pay 500,000 NIS?

It is important from me to remind Mahmoud, and all of our viewers, that in order to put in a request to remove a security indication there is no need to hire a lawyer. The service is provided free of charge to every person equally, and there is no need to pay for any factor. Permit brokering is a terrible phenomenon which attempts to earn money by stealing from honest and hard working residents.

Muhammad, Gaza:

Dear Head of COGAT, I applied for a trade permit four months ago and still have not received a response.

Greetings, Muhammad, we see here that you have opened a request for a Trade and Transportation permit on the 17th of May. We checked on your request and it still going through the necessary security checks. I expect that the checks will finish quickly and that things will work out for the best. It is important for me to stress that security checks are essential because of the sensitive security situation in the Gaza Strip. We have encountered many instances in which goods entering Gaza through Israel were used later on for terrorists purposes by Hamas’ military wing. We aspire for open trade to and from the Gaza Strip, but we must ensure that the situation is not exploited by the Hamas terror organization to harm the state of Israel  

Ali, Baghdad, Iraq:

My name is Ali, I live in Baghdad in Iraq. I am studying Business and Economic management. I heard of Tel Aviv and I want to travel to Israel. Am I able to enter Israel?

Hello Ali! It is great to see that we have followers in Iraq as well. I remember well my father's stories from Iraq and about Baghdad’s colorful Al-Rashid Street. Unfortunately, at this stage, Israel and Iraq do not have diplomatic relations and therefore a visit to Israel is problematic. I hope very much that one day the situation will improve and you will be able to visit here. Who knows? Maybe when you finish your studies you could come do business here in Israel. Thank you very much for your question!

Ahmad, Hebron:

My name is Ahmad, I am in desperate need of a work permit. I work in the area of Hebron and receive 50 NIS for a day of work, while I am a married youth and have a child on the way.

Hello to you, Ahmed. According to the information I see here, you are 29 years old and therefore are eligible for a work permit. As is well known, there is a finite number of work permits issued. In order to obtain a permit all that is needed is to find an Israeli employer that wishes to employ in any number of fields, such as education or construction and more.

Since we are already discussing work permits, it is a good opportunity on the new model for work permits. We are currently working in coordination with the Palestinian Authority to create a new employment system. This system is intended to ensure the rights of Palestinian workers, and give strength to employees rather than the employers. This new model will also allow for Palestinian workers to be independent and work for different employers. I assure you that we will be updating you on this situation through my Facebook page.

Muhammad, Hebron:

I am currently studying in Belorussia, how can I receive a permit to fly abroad through Ben Gurion airport?

Hi Muhammad, you did not tell me what you are studying, but in any regard I hope you are enjoying your studies. It is important to understand that very few high level individuals and businessmen fly through Ben Gurion. Trips abroad for residents of Judea and Samaria is available through Allenby Bridge always for any reasons, so long as there is no indication security indication blocking such a trip. Recently we have improved the services offered at Allenby Bridge. The bridge is now open 24 hours a day from Sunday through Thursday. On Friday’s the crossing is open from 7:30am until 15:00 and on Saturdays the hours are 7:30 to 17:00. We are also looking forward to 2018, when the plans are in place for Allenby Bridge to be opened 24/7 for the whole year for the benefit of Palestinian residents.