Rami Levy Creating a Buzz in the Palestinian Media

With affordable prices and high-quality products, many Palestinians are putting the boycott of Israeli products and national issues on the side and are flocking to the Israeli supermarket chain "Rami Levy", especially now during Ramadan.


Rami Levy is an Israeli businessman and shareholder of the supermarket chain "Rami Levy Hashikma Marketing" and the mobile virtual network “Rami Levy Communications”. His supermarket chain is known for its affordable prices and high-quality products. Many Palestinians flock to these branches to do their shopping—especially now during the month of Ramadan, despite the calls for boycotting Israeli products. Based on these events, Levy has recently become a central figure in the Palestinian media.  

Last week, the "Ma'an" News Agency reported that in the month of Ramadan, many Palestinians visit the chain store "Rami Levy". The story was broadcasted under the headline "Why are Palestinians going to the 'Rami Levy chain despite calls to confiscate Israeli products?" Palestinians at the Rami Levy branch neighboring Bethlehem were questioned during the video that Ma'an broadcasted on its Facebook page. One of the Palestinian interviewees noted that despite the calls to boycott Israeli products, the Palestinians are buying at Rami Levy because of the cheaper prices and higher quality, compared to the Palestinian marketplaces. Another interviewee stressed that the Palestinian national issue is important, but it is more important to save money.

Yesterday, we met with Rami Levy in one of his branches and we saw how the branches employ both Israelis and Arabs, showing a clear example of coexistence. Levy manages four branches in Judea and Samaria and has employed thousands of Arabs. During a visit at the Talpiot branch, we saw equal treatment given to customers of every religion. “We are showing the world coexistence at its finest,” said Levy, and added, “when we are talking about boycotting Israeli products, it is actually quite opposite from what is happening on ground.”


The problem with Palestinians flocking to the Rami Levy branches has created a buzz in the Palestinian community for a long time. In the past, Rami Levy won his own skit in the Palestinian satire series "Watan ala Watar", which has recently returned to broadcasting.

Do you encounter any friction or tension between Jews and Arabs in the daily workplace?

“I don’t see Jews not wanting to buy from Arabs or not employing them. Coexistence needs to come from this—to show that it is possible to live together, to work together and to serve one another in a fair way. From here, peace will come, because what do we want? Peace—to live.”

We are currently in the midst of the Ramadan month. Do you want to send a message to the Palestinian community?

“I want to wish them a happy holiday and that the holiday will pass in peace. I love the Palestinian population, I don’t have any problem with them. I am serving them and also employing both Palestinians, Jews and Arabs with the same conditions. I want to wish them a very happy holiday.