The Latest Technological Innovations Serving Palestinians in Judea and Samaria

​In a special interview with COGAT’s Website, Tzachi Levy, the head of the IT department in the Civil Administration, spoke about the latest technological developments being implemented in the Civil Administration for Palestinians and plans for more gowi foward.

Recently, a number technoligcal adavcemnets were made in the Civil Administration in order to improve service for Palestinian residents. Some of these improvements include the introduction of the “Meitar” system. This system significantly shortens the time it takes for Palestinains to recive biometric entrance cards, reduces waiting times at COGAT’s public reception windows in Judea and Samaria and enables for more people to recive serves at the reception windows. The results of the introduction of the Meitar system have already felt throught out the reigon, but what other techonlgical advancemnts are planned in the near future?

Tzahi Levy, head of the IT department in the Civil Administration, said in an interview to COGAT’s website that "The expectation is to take the existing systems one step further and make them digitally accessible for all residents.


Levy says that a call center is currently being set up to provide solutions for Palestinian residents. “Once the center begins to operate, it will give all residents of Judea and Samaria a telephone, e-mail or Internet address for any services they may need. At the moment, such a center does not exist and we are working hard to devlop it.” Levy added that “In the future, the desire is that such services can be recived through an application or smartphones.”

Another innovation currently being worked on is a digital land registration project that will enable better management of land registration in Judea and Samaria. There will be no need to open archives and everything will be accessible. Today land registration does not exist in a digital form and therefore any information search takes a long time. It is expected that this information will be reachable at the touch of a button.

A second project to be launched soon, is a new website that will publish the summaries of the planning committees, which include decisions regarding building permits and various projects in Judea and Samaria. Today, these documents are published in the written press and the desire is that the site will allow as many people to be exposed to the necessary information

Tzachi concluded by saying that the desire of the IT team in the Civil Administration is to move forward and update constantly, in accordance with the technological innovations in the field: "We go above and beyond to do this. At the moment we updated the first version of a system such as Meitarand we already begin to think of newer versions. We will not give up our need to know that we are in a safe area, but we will minimize the various processes, including the inspection process, so that Palestinians have to be as little time as possible in crossings."