The Soldiers Behind the Reception Window in the Civil Administration

Every day, around 120 Palestinians arrive reception windows at various District Coordination Liaisons (DCL) throughout Judea and Samaria. Who receives them at the window and what does their day look like?



The soldiers of the Civil Administration (CA), who work at the reception windows at various crossing points and DCLs provide various services for the Palestinian population. They start their work in the early hours of the morning and welcome tens of thousands of Palestinians who enter Israel everyday.

How do IDF soldiers get to the position? After drafting, COGAT soldiers undergo basic training and begin a coordination and liaison course. During the course they learn to speak Arabic and learn about the many activities of COGAT and the CA. This course offers soldiers arriving to reception windows the tools necessary to properly carry out their jobs.

We spoke with Lieutenant Naomi Miller, an officer at the Jerusalem Periphery DCL. During our conversation she mentioned that most of the Palestinians who arrive at the DCL do so for humanitarian purposes, such as medical assistance. "The job is very relevant and important, and ,usually, the soldiers are the first faces the Palestinians see (from Israel), and it is important to be patient and clear," says Naomi.


One of the most significant challenges facing the soldiers in the reception windows is fluency in the Arabic language, as sometimes the soldiers find it difficult to explain to Palestinians what to do in order to assist them. However, the soldiers succeed in their duties. and receive assistance when necessary from other personnel who are fluent in Arabic.

The most important and challenging service in the Civil Administration is assisting Palestinians and responding quickly to their requests, thereby improving the Palestinian quality of life.