1,200 Christians Particpate in ‘Three Kings Day’ Ceremony in Qaser al-Yahud


Yesterday, (1.7.18) 1,200 Christian participants from Judea and Samaria, Israel and around the world belonging to the Catholic and Franciscan denominations celebrated the feast of Epiphany, also known as the feast of the Baptist, at a festive mass held at the Qaser Al-Yahud baptismal site on the Jordan River near Jericho.


Three Kings Day is celebrated in Western Christianity on the 6th of January and symbolizes, according to Christian tradition, the revelation of the divine nature of Jesus revealed by his baptism in the Jordan River by John the Baptist.The ceremony began with a procession led by Franciscan monks singing hymns, followed by the ‘Custos’, the Holy Land Custodian Father Francesco Patton. The procession was accompanied by the head of the Jericho DCL, Lieutenant Colonel Azhar Ghanem as well as other officers from the DCL.


As part of the ceremony, a festive Mass was held, which included blessings and prayers in Latin and Arabic, aw well as the baptism of a child, Stephanus, who was baptized by the Custos while his parents and the congregation served as witnesses. The Mass ended with prayers and a call for peace and brotherhood among all those present and all of mankind.

The commander of the Jericho DCL, Azhar Ghanem, explained that he and the DCL officers in Jericho are working constantly to assist and develop the area of the baptismal site in Qaser al-Yahud, which is filled with churches and monasteries, The DCL works carefully and in close corporations with the heads of all the Christian denominations in the region. The Jericho municipality has requested that the Christian community be invited to a particularly large ceremony to be held at the baptism site on 18.1.2018. The ceremony will be lead by the heads of several of the Eastern Christian Churches and in be held in the presence of senior officers of the Coordination for Government Activities in the Territories Unit.