The Israeli WATEC Conference

Today, the biannual WATEC conference, which deals with new solutions in the water sector, was held in Tel Aviv . The conference was attended by representatives of companies from various countries around the world. These companies presented  their latest developments in areas such as water desalination, energy and the environment.

​The WATEC conference began earlier last  week on Tuesday (12.9.17) and culminated last Thursday (14.9.17). The conference is held twice a year in Tel Aviv, where professional panels and conferences are held regarding water solutions, such as desalination, in various industries. The conference creates a meeting point for a variety of companies in the fields of water, energy and the environment. The companies attended to find investors and professionals to help them create future development in water solution.


Representatives from countries such as the United States, Poland, Denmark, Canada and Germany were present at the conference. On the last day of the conference, there was also an exhibition held by various companies who showcased their new capabilities in the field of water. The conference was attended by Gidon Bromberg, the Israeli director of "Ecopeace Middle East", an organization that brings Jordanian, Palestinian and Israeli environmentalists together and whose main goal is "to promote efforts to cooperate in preserving the common heritage of the environment".

In an interview with COGAT, Bromberg said that Ecopeace is focused on promoting peace through water diplomacy. According to Bromberg, wherever there is a lack of water extremist ideologies flourishes, he emphasized that "If we work together, Israelis and Palestinians, we can be leaders in the field of water"