Civil Administration Hosts Conference for International Organizations in Preparation for Ramadan

Yesterday, Civil Administration (CA) hosted a conference at the Jerusalem Periphery DCL for various international organizations working within the area. The conference was held in order to update the organizations regarding the procedures that will be implemented for the month of Ramadan.

In preparation for the month of Ramadan, a conference was held on Tuesday morning (May 24th) for international organizations at Jerusalem Periphery DCL working within the area. The conference was held in order to present the preparations for the entire month of Ramadan to international factors. The preparations will influence the activities of the DCL offices, the Civil Administration, the Palestinian population and the international organizations. Among those who attended the conference were representatives of Canada, the European Union and UNRWA.

International Organizations Infographic_ENG.jpg 

During the conference, the CA’s representatives updated the different organizations about the approved civil procedures addressing the Palestinian population  in Judea and Samaria and the Gaza Strip, which were announced last week by the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories, Maj. Gen. Yoav (Poly) Mordechai, and were approved by the Minister of Defense, Avigdor Lieberman.

The civil procedures were also published on our Arabic Facebook page “Al-Munaseq”, and can be found on our website at the link here, and amongst others included: granting special permits to worship at Al-Aqsa Mosque on Fridays and Laylat Al-Qadr for the Muslim residents of Judea and Samaria who meet the published criteria; issuing up to 500 exit permits to travel abroad (for residents of Judea and Samaria) through Ben Gurion Airport with approved security clearance; and issuing up to 100 permits each Friday for residents of the Gaza Strip over the age of 55 in order to worship at the Temple Mount on Fridays during Ramadan.

The representatives of the Jerusalem Periphery DCL and the Civil Administration emphasized their desire to preserve the freedom of religion for all populations in Israel and in Judea and Samaria. They also emphasized their desire for the international community who works within the region to be informed and updated about the current situation firsthand in terms of: security, movement and access through the crossings.

The month of Ramadan will begin at the end of the upcoming week and will be accommodated with special arrangements, which were designed to meet the needs of the Palestinian population during Ramadan. The conference delivered an important message to all parties involved, especially to the international organizations, in order to keep them updated about the changes in the access and movement regarding Jerusalem during Ramadan.