The Simple Way to Request the Removal of A Security Indication

Recently, Palestinians have complained to Civil Administration officers regarding how lawyers have been exploiting them, sometimes at a cost of 15,000 NIS, for assistance in filing forms requesting to remove their security indications. This report will explain the simple and correct way to fill out the form, in Arabic, without paying or seeing a lawyer.   


If a Palestinian believes that there is a valid reason that their security indication should be removed, it is important to stress that it can be done easily and free of charge. The first step in this process is downloading from our website the form titled “Request for Removal of Security Indication”.

 The form can be found here (in Arabic and Hebrew)

 After downloading the document, it should be printed out and the forms must be carefully filled in. This is a critical stage and it must be done carefully, clearly and all the details should be filled in. Upon completion, the Palestinian should submit the form to their nearby District Coordination and Liaison office’s reception window. In order to verify their request they must bring with the form additional required forms. For example, a trade permit requires relevant documents from the Palestinian Trade Office and the relevant receipts, and in order to receive a Work Permit one must bring the relevant documents from the The Population and Immigration Authority and documents from an Israeli employer.

It should be noted that the submission of a request form for the removal of a security indication is possible in four cases: if the Palestinian applicant is a merchant, worker, needs humanitarian assistance, or is over the age of 60. A response to the request will be given within eight weeks, however if there is a delay the applicant will be notified. It must be emphasized again that this service is completely free and does not require an attorney.