The Terrorist Organization Hamas Sells Itself and the Gaza Strip to Iran, and Palestinians Pay the Price

The following images were not taken from Hezbollah’s Dahiya compound in Beirut, Lebanon, but in the heart of Gaza. Children participating in the summer camp of the Al-Sabirin Shiite movement, which is funded by Iran, are interviewed by the Al-Manar Lebanese Shia channel in the heart of Gaza.  

The Iranian Regime's takeover of the Hamas terrorist organization, which is now isolated by the majority of Arab countries, strengthens the grip of the Islamic Republic on the life of Palestinians in Gaza. This is accomplished by a vast network of terrorist organizations, such as the Al-Sabirin movement and the Islamic Jihad (which are both fully funded by Iran) and charity foundations which are connected to Khamenei and more. All of this is achieved by Hamas in exchange for money and weapons all at the expense of the Palestinian interests, particularly within the Gaza Strip.

Just this week, Saleh al-Arouri, a high ranking official in the Hamas political bureau  was deported from Qatar to Lebanon in order to join Osama Hamdan and other senior officials of the Hamas terror organization. They convened there to meet with Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, Iranian Parliamentary Director General for International Affairs and the Assistant to Speaker of Parliament. From there, they attended celebrations in Tehran for the re-appointed president of the Islamic Republic, Hassan Rouhani.

There is no doubt that these actions were carried out in order to receive orders from the Imam Hammani and to coordinate the continuation of Hamas’ campaign in the Palestinian arena. One should not be surprised by these steps, since Hamas is a type of ideological courtesan—selling its interests to the highest bidder in order to survive. A vital indicator of this phenomenon is the total disregard for the new head of the Hamas political bureau, Ismail Haniyeh, in his first speech in office regarding the genocide in Syria. He instead chose to glorify and elevate Iran, which  has the blood of many Syrian citizens on its hands. Hamas understands very well that they must serve the Iranians wishes—otherwise, the money flow will come to a halt. Keeping their pockets full, of course, is more important than the ideology of Hamas or the interests of the Palestinians.


If that were not enough, in return for funding, Hamas keeps quiet  and thus provides fertile land to the Iranians in order to establish themselves in the Gaza Strip. Iran has already established armed Shiite militias and charity organizations, which adhere only to the Supreme Leader, an ongoing process for several years. The representative of Hamas in Iran, Khalid Qadumi, does not even deny these claims. In an interview with the media platform Al-Monitor, he emphasized that the movement has no problem with the these issues. Hezbollah’s flags are therefore proudly hoisted over fighters of the Al-Sabirin movement and are joined with those of the Islamic Jihad, a terrorist organization that has been committed to Iran since its establishment.    

Now that the Islamic Jihad has been mentioned, this organization is the superior example of how Iran conducts its affairs towards the Palestinian public, for it has relied almost exclusively on Iranian funding since its establishment. The Islamic Jihad’s Secretary General, Ramadan Shalah, even boasts about the fact that Iran controls him. He stated in a television interview just 3 months ago that the weapons in the Gaza Strip are “either produced by Iran or funded by Iran”. Shalah forgot to add that the weapons are used solely for Iranian purposes and without an order from the Supreme Leader, even an Iranian bullet from an Iranian weapon is not fired. This is the case when Iranian interests control a country. Maybe Gazans should look to Lebanon in order to see how Hezbollah turns a country into their own property and  to thoroughly understand what is happening right in front of their own eyes in Gaza.


As mentioned before, Iran is active in other fields—especially in funding non-profit organizations in the Palestinian arena. For instance, summer camps run by the Al-Sabirin movement spreads Shia teachings among Gazans, and actions such as food distribution, financial aid to families of terrorists and projects for various fundraising campaigns are done “innocently” in order to take a firmer grip on the area. The same was true through food distributions at the Lions’ Gate in Jerusalem, where Palestinian protesters received a helping hand from Khamenei; all of this in order to show that the Iranian regime “cares” about the Palestinians. However, it is another cynical attempt to expand Iranian control, with little care for the Palestinians, their wants or interests.

In short, the Palestinians as a whole and Gazans in particular, must force Hamas to answer this question: When will Hamas stop receiving orders from Iran and instead act in favor of the Palestinians?