Accessibility Statement ​​

Defense Ministry website accessibility for people with disabilities
The Defense Ministry attaches the utmost importance to assist website visitors with physical, sensory and cognitive disabilities and recognizes the right to enable the site to all people to equal opportunities and equal access to the services and information. The Ministry of Defense has invested considerable resources and accessibility to the site, in order to allow the majority of the population to surf it with ease and comfort and enjoy the services and content it publishes.

​Website accessibility means:

  • ​The option to use a "full screen reader" used by blind users
  • The site allows magnification of letters written by Using CTRL and the mouse wheel.
  • A means to navigate the site with ease. 
  • The contents are written clearly and are well organized, using proper headings and lists.
  •  You can browse the site using a keyboard or other assistive technology: Repeated clicking on the tab key moves the cursor between the various links, press ENTER key activates the link.
  • Custom website design for the visually impaired and blind to color.
  • The site does not contain content that glitters and motion (animation, moving text). If there is such content it can be stopped.
  • Site links are clear and contain an explanation of where they lead.
  • The site allows skipping menus and direct access to the page content. Press the shortcut key - Tooltip (usually Alt - see / the table of browsers), and number of pages to skip the following content:
Shortcut Key 1 - Home
Shortcut Key 2 - Site Map
Shortcut Key 3 - Terms and conditions
Shortcut Key 4 - Contact
Shortcut Key 5 - About
Leap-browser pages

browser ​Keys
​Internet Explorer[Alt] + Shortcut Key​+ [Enter]​
​Chrome​[Alt] + Shortcut Key
​Firefox​[Alt] [Shift] + Shortcut Key
​Safari​[Alt] + Shortcut Key
OperaOpera15 or newer: [Alt] + Shortcut Key
Opera12.1 or older: [Shift] [Esc] + Shortcut Key​​​
MAC​ browsers​[Control] + [Option] + Shortcut Key​

Restrictions on access 

The Site may be marked with a possibility accessibility page displays tabs addition to the information accessible information and content sites or systems that have not yet accessible to, and as part of an integrated effort to present information from various sources. Since the Ministry has such great content, based on technology not available to previous generations, a special effort will be made gradually give access to AA.
Accessibility Guidelines

You can view Web sites accessibility guidelines of the W3C: Version 1 1999: English​ guidelines.
The current version 2 from 11 December 2008.