Freedom of Information Act

Information on the Law

The Freedom of Information Act (Israel), passed in May of 1998 and became law a year after. The Act enforced the right of every citizen and resident to receive information on public authorities. 

The law states that as a rule the authority must release information unless the information could harm the security of the country, individual's privacy, trade secrets and similar issues.

Requests for information will be reviewed in timely fashion as prescribed by the law. The Authority has 30 days to respond to requests, however, in cases of need, the Commissioner and the heads of the public authorities can extend the time period to a review of an additional 90 days. 

In instances where requests involve a third party, it is the authority's responsibility to discuss the issue with said party and permit said party to deny realizing requested information. In instances where a third party must be referenced, an additional 21 days are added to the time period, and the third parties right is denied. The third party had the right to appeal the public authority's decision and the information may or may not be released to an applicant.

Additional information on the law can be found (in Hebrew) in the attachment here.

According to the Updating the Freedom of Information Act Law of 1999 (Link in Hebrew), request for information will be processed after the payment of an application fee of 20 NIS. (Link to the Requirement Form- Hebrew) The applicant bears the responsibility of the cost of the information requested.  

An Applicant requesting information regarding himself and his/ her rights is exempt from the application fee. The application payment and handling fee for four hours of work, starting at the fourth (ie, payment handling fee will be charged starting from eighth for services rendered). Details on the price of the fees is available on the Government Payment Service website.

The application fee can be paid on Government Payment Service's website, or through the Treasury bank account No. 28016 or via e-voucher.


To whom to request information from?

Office Charged with Freedom of Information in COGAT

Telephone: 03-697-7957

Fax: 03-697-5177


 Address- COGAT 467, HaKriya, Tel Aviv, Ministry of Defense.

Or by IDF Mail 01104

Office Charged with Freedom of Information in the Civil Administration of Judea and Samaria.

Telephone: 02-997-7008

Fax: 02-997-7341


Annual reports required under the Freedom of Information Act (in Hebrew)

2014 (קישור לדו"ח)

2015 (קישור לדו"ח) 

(קישור לדו"ח) 2016

Publication of administrative guidelines under which the Authority operates


Administrative guidelines are normative precepts that the public authority establishes for itself and are designed to guide itself in fulfilling its functions.

The Administrative guidelines can be viewed here (In Hebrew)

Information on environmental protection

Under the Freedom of Information Act of 2009 (Providing information on the environment available for the public) The Authority must report on the environmental protection taking place under its jurisdiction 

This report can be found here (In Hebrew)